Democratize the culture building process in an

CultureOS is the solution built for enterprises to enable them to shape their company’s culture. This tool uses NLP & Deep Learning to decipher existing Cultural Values in an enterprise, from “employee conversations”. The Indices provides you a quantified measurement of existing CULTURE within the organization, which empowers the HRs and CXOs to take effective decisions.

How our solution creates Wonder !

Cultural Values

“We use 9 Cultural values, based on MIT study, to classify culture. This classification is done using NLP, Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis”.


“We use 3 Indices to measure culture. These Indices will give you a quantified measurement of the culture existing in your enterprise”.


“We use multiple Deep dives inputs to help you ascertain gaps in culture and ways to improve employee attrition”.

CultureOS empowers your employees to


"Open forums, will enable enterprises to draw inference from unstructured text, statement, opinion, story, narrative etc. Employees can use their collective wisdom to create a great company culture"

Earn good Karma

"Karma Points are used to give good Karmic appreciation to your peers, managers etc. Karmic appreciation keeps employees motivated towards creating a great company culture"

"Poll & Feedback Mechanism"

"CultureOS will enable enterprises to launch – Polls, Opinion & Feedback (both Objective and Subjective). Data thus generated will provide invaluable insights on company culture"

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