Culture Matters for
"Corporate Performance"

Corporate performance can be turbocharged by a positive business culture. The most important component that determines a firm's value is its corporate culture, which may be improved to boost the value of the organization.
A increasing corpus of financial economist research has revealed a link between a positive corporate culture and increased profitability and return to shareholders. On the other hand, a bad business culture encourages unethical behavior. Up to 44% of the equity value can be lost due to a dysfunctional culture.

Enable enterprises

Improves bottom line financials



Deciphering Culture from
“Employee conversation”

Our “Culture Engine” uses advanced NLP, Deep Learning & Sentiment analysis Models to decipher meaning from “Subjective Opinion” shared by your employees and categorize them into cultural values inspired by the research from MIT.

Engaging employees to

"You can engage with employees through "Polls" to understand their views on your companies Culture, Policies, Likes, Dislikes etc and ensure they are Heard & Accepted thereby improving productivity and retention"

Bridging the gap through
“Employee Voice”

"Employee can voice their opinion "anonymously", without fear to shape company's culture, eliminate toxicity and eradicate reasons of attrition”.

We help you Quantify your Culture through Indices


Single Index representing company culture derived out of 9 Cultural Values


Single Index representing the toxic element in company culture derived from 5 Cultural Values


It represent the current attrition rate in the organization

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