Corporate Culture

“A strong positive company culture can drive employee engagement and productivity, improve decision making, boost wellbeing and increase employee retention, which overall will increase company’s performance. The challenge however is to, measure a relative & contextual subject like "CULTURE", draw value from it, and work upon to improve performance”


At CultureOS, we are working towards building a uniform CODE through which Culture of any workplace can be measured, monitored and improved upon to create large scale impact, to boost corporate performance


Datasets and
continuously growing
every day

Our NLP and ML models have been trained over 50,000 open text dataset to draw the context of “CULTURE” in any conversation. This data set is constantly growing every day to improve efficiency.

Our work of quantifying “CULTURE” has been inspired from the study done at MIT on the usefulness of corporate culture. We have comprehensively chosen 9 different Cultural Value including 5 cultural values to determine toxicity.


Different Cultural Values 9
CVs including 5 CVs to
determine toxicity


Ambarish Gupta

Investor & Mentor

Founder of Basis Vectors private equity firm to acquire and transform SaaS businesses using this next generation of service delivery models.

Nilanjan Maiti

The Driver

16+ Years of successful entrepreneurial and leadership role in managing P&L for start-ups and established players in internet technologies, SaaS, IT services, education, and sustainable products domain.

Mohit Tripathi

The Product Guy

Management professional with a well-rounded strategy formulation and execution experience of 6+ years in Prop tech, Logistics tech, Health-tech, SaaS, and Fintech with a horizontal understanding of consumer internet business models.

Sachin Yadav

The Technologist

Experienced Co-Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the startup industry and fintech organization Skilled in Analytical Skills, Public Speaking, Management, Leadership, and Project Management.

Akash Dubey

The Modeler

IIT BHU Alumni with 7+ years of experience in building and scaling systems with organizations like Microsoft Hololens, Amazon and Cognizant. Proficient on Artificial intelligence, LLM, Micro service architecture.

Armish Sonkar

Data Wizard

IIT Kanpur graduates with 13+ years of cross-border experience in India, Southe East Asia, the middle east, the US and Nordic Europe in Data Science, Model development, and risk analysis spanning across companies like Mckinsey, EXL and HSBC

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