An enterprise’s culture resides in the heart and soul of
it’s people.

CultureOS is a platform where employee can voice their opinion anonymously without any fear. They can use their collective wisdom to build a great company CULTURE. Employees can simply express what they feel, narrate an incident or suggest ways to improve, company culture.

Our CULTURE ENGINE, does the rest – It is designed to draw Inference from the most unstructured text, contextualize all conversations into Cultural Value framework and represent it in the form of quantified INDICES. Thus, CultureOS is a unique diagnostic tool for enterprise to identify “reasons of attrition” and “means to shape company culture”.

Anonymous capture of unofficial and insightful


Simple and easy to use

“Product adaptability is made easier through easy onboarding to achieve almost zero learning curve”

Gamified Interface to
increase participation

“The interface has been designed to ensure employee participation is maximized”

Quantified and Graphical
into Culture

CultureOS will enable enterprises to launch – Polls, Opinion & Feedback (both Objective and Subjective). These data combined with other data sets can provide invaluable insights on current culture, toxicity and impediments of growth across organization.

CultureOS- Product Explainer